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For football fans growing up in the early 2000s, Pro Evolution Soccer was THE computer game of choice. The gaming franchise will forever have a spot in the history of football culture for the way it gripped fans and raised the bar as to what should be expected from a football game. The cult gures that made Pro Evolution Soccer one of the most revered game series ever made were at the very heart of it all!

It was a golden era of football, with some true legends of the game competing for the limelight. A few of them, though, had a secret edge. You see, amongst all those star names there was a group of players even more elite; a club so exclusive that only the absolute cream of the crop were admitted entry.

“It was infront of your eyes, you just never saw it”

The only way in: a 99 stat on your attribute list in the history of PES Brought to life by 32 of the world’s most popular football illustrators, and written by PES enthuseast Mikey Traynor this project honours each and every player privileged enough to have been inducted into Club 99 with their own unique artwork.

The project was collated in a hardback book, of which only 99 copies were made 


The book sold out in less than 12 hours.


The Full image bank can be seen on the INSTRAGRAM channel.


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